Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Farenheit 451

Each night before going to bed, I check my TV guide over the Play TV to check for programs that I may want to record. One movie that caught my eye was Farenheit 451. I think it was because the programme info said it casted Julie Christie and it was a 1966 movie.

That was two weeks ago. This afternoon I had the chance to see it while feeding my baby in the lounge...and I'm glad I did. It's in color (technicolor as my old-fashioned dad would always say). The opening of the movie was interesting...have you seen a movie where the opening credits were "read" instead of flashed on the screen? I would find later on IMDB why it was so.

The title means something: It's a movie about firemen in a fictional society of the future...but instead of fighting fires, they are relied on to put something to the torch. You'll find out that something in the beginning of the film and what the title has to do with it.

As usual, I would not attempt to review the movie because I'm no good at that but if you like stories of the "future", mixed in with the visuals available from the sixties, I recommend that you find this movie and watch it.

By the way, Julie Christie was not bad.

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